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Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic press machine uses hydraulically coupled cylinders to produce force. Pressure recharging mechanism is incorporated for optimum performance of the machine. These presses include compression or Transfer molding and automatic four plate mold operating with sliding table.
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Vikhram Hydraulics, Coimbatore
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One piston having small cross-sectional area acts as a pump and other part of the piston having larger area generates a correspondingly large mechanical force. A fluid is displaced when either piston is pushed inward. When the pressure on the press cylinder is released (the fluid returning to a reservoir), the force created in the press is reduced to a low value. The main piston does not retract to its original position unless an additional mechanism is employed.

To preset the speed of these presses at any instance, limit switches/proximity switches, potentiometers & rotary encoders are used. It can be operated either through PLC or manual. These machines are applicable in many applications like coining, blanking, stamping, pressing punch riveting.

Hydraulic presses offered by us ensures compact, highly rigid to avoid any deflection during operation/load, space saving, high speed press and finds usage in various applications

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